45159312_10213137713219835_3865679477904244736_oI’ve had to have two stern conversations with Amazon in the last 24 hours regarding the books that I ordered for this author event on Sunday.  I ordered them on the 27th– a couple of days later than I probably should have, I admit, but they still had a good chance of being here by this Saturday, and when it became clear that that was becoming a bit more of a risk than I wanted I upgraded the shipping last Friday to two-day, which should have taken care of it.

Then they were supposed to be here Wednesday, and I realized Wednesday night that not only had they not arrived but I hadn’t gotten a shipping notification.  (The damn election knocked the whole thing out of my head; I should have realized this earlier.)  Then last night they told me they would ship and be here tomorrow, and just now they told me that they were going to be here Saturday even though the “upgraded” shipping that they supposedly comped me (after I upgraded myself to two-day) is currently telling me they’ll be here between the 9th and the 12th.

Between this and the fact that they re-upped me for Prime this week without so much as an “Oh, this charge is coming in the next couple of days!” email I am not pleased right now.  And I am going to look pretty damn bad if I show up at this fucking thing with no books to sell.


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