Oh come the hell on, ctd.

… I know I just did a post a couple of weeks ago where I explained that I understand that what makes sense for a nationwide network of distribution points doesn’t always make sense for individual packages, but this one has to have been put on the wrong goddamn truck at some point, right?

Oh come the hell on

Okay, damn it, I get it, logistics decisions that make sense on a nationwide level often don’t make sense on a specific, individual package level, and these large shipping companies have to make decisions that make sense on a nationwide level.

But I cannot help but notice that this package, which sat in a warehouse in California for five days after being received, was originally supposed to be here yesterday, then was rescheduled to today, and now has been rescheduled to tomorrow, appears to have been routed completely around where I live.

I assume that you will not look askance upon me if I reveal that I find this fact moderately frustrating. There is nothing especially important in the package; it’s not, like, insulin or something, and I’m not being harmed by having to wait an extra day or two for it. But if it’s in Chicago the day before it’s supposed to be in South Bend and you know that for some reason it has to go to Indianapolis and then to Detroit before coming to South Bend, which is in between Chicago and Detroit, maybe you update your scheduled arrival then? And then maybe don’t keep insisting it’ll arrive by 2:45 on that day right until the moment where that is temporally impossible?

In other Stupid But Annoying news, the last time I bought a new watch band for my Apple Watch at the beginning of the school year it got stuck while I was installing it, and I’ve never been able to remove it. The band is starting to look more than a little raggedy but I still can’t get the sumbitch off, and I am going through this spectacularly stupid mental calculus where I’m starting to seriously consider buying a new watch rather than continue to deal with this nonsense. I’ve had the old watch for over four years and I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it, but that sort of means that I’m buying a new, $500-800 watch depending on the options I choose because a thirty dollar band is stuck, and that also is on my last damn nerve.

(Why the hyperexpensive option? Because the stainless steel case and the sapphire glass screen are what are on this watch, and four years after buying the damn thing and wearing it 20 hours a day there is not a single mark anywhere on it. No scratches, no paint chips, no dents, no nothing. The stainless steel case with the sapphire glass screen are indestructible, and I don’t know how close the cheaper model comes to that ideal. I don’t like scratches on my watch.)

So, yeah. I’m having a Day. How are you?

(EDITED TO ADD: I just received a helpful text message from FedEx informing me– no, two helpful text messages from FedEx!– informing me that my package has been rescheduled to Thursday, 03/11. Which is … today.)


45159312_10213137713219835_3865679477904244736_oI’ve had to have two stern conversations with Amazon in the last 24 hours regarding the books that I ordered for this author event on Sunday.  I ordered them on the 27th– a couple of days later than I probably should have, I admit, but they still had a good chance of being here by this Saturday, and when it became clear that that was becoming a bit more of a risk than I wanted I upgraded the shipping last Friday to two-day, which should have taken care of it.

Then they were supposed to be here Wednesday, and I realized Wednesday night that not only had they not arrived but I hadn’t gotten a shipping notification.  (The damn election knocked the whole thing out of my head; I should have realized this earlier.)  Then last night they told me they would ship and be here tomorrow, and just now they told me that they were going to be here Saturday even though the “upgraded” shipping that they supposedly comped me (after I upgraded myself to two-day) is currently telling me they’ll be here between the 9th and the 12th.

Between this and the fact that they re-upped me for Prime this week without so much as an “Oh, this charge is coming in the next couple of days!” email I am not pleased right now.  And I am going to look pretty damn bad if I show up at this fucking thing with no books to sell.


On what I’m like

Allow the following to be a minor insight into my personality.  This is a portion of my desk:


Take note: Finn, Rey, a Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren, and Phasma.  That’s all the figures from this current film that I own; let’s not talk about the other movies.  I bought all of these before seeing THE FORCE AWAKENS.  Since then I’ve been considering demoting the Stormtrooper and Phasma to some other location in the house (or possibly, in fact more likely, a box somewhere) and I’ve been tossing around the idea of grabbing a Poe Dameron figure, since Poe is one of the few 3 3/4″ figures you can actually count on finding nowadays.

Just the other day it hit me: if I found a Poe, I could put him right next to Finn, and I could probably contrive a way to make the figures hold hands.  And then it became undeniable: I had to have a Poe Dameron for my desk.

I had a few errands to run and found one at Target just now.  This is what the Poe figure that matches the rest of these look like:


That helmet is molded on.  It can’t be removed.  And I didn’t buy the figure, because if I’m going to get into yaoi shipping on my desk, I’m damn well gonna be able to look both of the toys in the eyes while I do it.

(It has come to my attention while working on this post that there is another slightly more expensive Poe figure that is the same size, but not wearing a helmet.  In fact, he’s wearing the same jacket my Finn is wearing, which is even better.  So I’m now on a hunt for that one.)

And, while we’re talking about toys, I don’t own any of the Disney Infinity games, and in fact I’ve been doing my damnedest to not ever get sucked into it, but if I ever find this in a store I’m buying it anyway:


Because awesome.

That is all.