In which I’ve made a terrible mistake


I should never have been allowed anywhere near Bitmoji, and now that I’ve succumbed, getting text messages from me will never not be annoying again.  It’s going to be legitimately goddamn difficult to not print this out and leave it on my office door while I’m out of town later this week:


Speaking of, I was out Friday, and I spent the entire day today running to catch up from the carnage created by being out of the office for one day.  It wasn’t a stressful day, necessarily, but it was one of those days where I say to someone “let me go drop this off in my office and I’ll take care of that,” and six people grab me on the way to my office, four people call while I’m in my office, and two more grab me on the way back and what should have been five minutes turns into an hour.  Just busy as hell.

I will be out three days this week, and I don’t know how the hell I will ever recover from it.  But hey: that’s next week Luther’s problem!  This week Luther only has to go to work two days this week and then gets to take a road trip.


Stop me, someone.  Use bullets if necessary.  I deserve it.

I just need one that says “buy my books!” or “Support me on Patreon!” and I’m set.

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