Two very important questions

Please, wherever you see this, I’m begging for as many answers as I can get– either here, Facebook, on Twitter, wherever you happen to be able to find me.

  1. Are there any Republicans running for office in your district or your state who are using bipartisanship or “both sides are to blame” type rhetoric and explicitly declining to identify themselves as Republicans?
  2. For parents: did you keep your kids’ baby teeth?  If so, what did you do with them, and do you still have them?

Very different questions, I guess.  I NEED ANSWERS!

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16 thoughts on “Two very important questions

  1. Since you begged (you needn’t have had to beg, but it got my otherwise fractured attention for a moment, so well done):

    Being not-of-the-US, I will venture to guess that we have a small if not non-existent number of Republicans running for office here (using rhetoric or otherwise).
    I have step kids and was not present during the discussions about tooth storage. I might take guesses but they would likely be wrong ones.

    Good luck on both of these surveys! I would love to know if they are connected.


  2. I live in Santa Clara county in California. This is the silicon valley. So no, I don’t have any Republican representation.
    Yes, I did save my child’s baby teeth. I have no idea why, exactly, except they represented milestones. I have no idea what to do with them. Susan Sarandon’s baby tooth bracelet idea seems really weird, and I want no part of it. I could see possibly using one tooth (and pretend it was the first one, because I no longer have any idea which one went first) set into clear resin to make a charm, either for a necklace or bracelet. If something were to happen to her (makes devil’s horns to ward off such a thing), it would mean a great deal to me to have it. So I guess it’s the same sentiment that makes parents save a lock of hair from the first haircut…which I also have.

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  3. With our oldest daughter, I saved the first couple of lost teeth – for awhile. I don’t even know what ultimately happened to those teeth. In any event, with the next two girls, I did not save the baby teeth. I do, however, have adorable photos of each kid with those missing front teeth. Which photos I have a habit of dragging out for family gatherings, especially if current boyfriends (prospective spouses) are in attendance. Two of the girls hate that; the third thinks its a great way to find out how a guy really feels about kids. She’s made all her boyfriends watch the family video, and apparently is keeping the guy who actually asked to watch it a second time.

    As for your first question, there’s all kinds of chaos surrounding our local politics, what with Chris Collins being indicted and all that. But since I generally hate politics, I just ignore all of it and hope for the best. I’m neither rich nor poor, so no matter who does or doesn’t end up in office, my life doesn’t seem to change much.

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  4. I saved each and every tooth from my three children, including wisdom teeth (which are huge!). I have them in a special box I made but all the teeth are mixed together, not separated by kid. I couldn’t bear to throw them away.

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  5. There’s a Republican running for governor of Oregon, and in Portland-area advertising at least, he’s pushing a traditionally left-wing agenda: women’s rights, clean air/water, health care. I think he’s trying to come across as a rational moderate.

    His attack ads on the current governor suggest that he is in fact a suburban white a-hole who wants to put poor people in jail and cut down all the forests.

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  6. No republicans I am aware of using those tactics in my district.

    As to the teeth, I am actually a grandparent, but functionally, I am a parent. The boy lives in my house and we’ve done all the kid-things just as though we’d birthed him. We didn’t keep all the teeth with the idea of doing something with them, but we have quite a few of them squirreled away here and there. What tended to happen was we just couldn’t bear to part with them, so we sealed them in plastic and stashed them in jewelry boxes and other hidey-holes.

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  7. I have not paid attention to any Republican candidates, but I have several Democrats who don’t put “Democrat” on anything, and talk about bipartisanship. I get it, it’s Ohio, and we’re crazy gerrymandered.
    My kid barely has teeth, let alone lost them, but my mom kept at least one of my teeth in a cute little tooth shaped sachet. She gave it to me, and it’s in the top drawer of my dresser with all the plastic jewelry I wore as a kid.


  8. I live in Texas so you can bed there’s not a single Republican running without loudly declaring which party the belong to.
    My mom kept several of my baby teeth and had a scrapbook for baby’s first years that came in a box. I think my first tooth lost is in that box. Or it’s wrapped in paper in my school years book.


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