A quick request having nothing to do with money or books

Are you human and an American?  Okay, good.  Check this list and see if your Senator is on it.  If he or she isn’t, call them and give them hell.  

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Luther M. Siler

The author of SKYLIGHTS, THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES and several other books.

2 thoughts on “A quick request having nothing to do with money or books

  1. I’m in Oklahoma. I’ve called mine and mailed. They’re all a bunch of racist dicks but a group of us have been hounding them. I wish I could say I can’t believe how far America has fallen but we’ve always been fucked up in one way or another. Change is needed desperately.

    A few years ago I volunteered for a candidate for senates campaign. He is a black man and you won’t believe the things people told me at our booth. It opened my eyes even wider than they already were.

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  2. I’m in Oregon – it was our guy that got the cops called on him when he went to check on the kids. We have our share of dickery up here but we can usually count on our reps in Washington to do the right thing.

    Thanks for posting.


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