I have spent a pretty significant amount of time over the last couple of days, including the last twenty minutes or so, staring at screens and having nothing to write on them.

It’s growing rather tiresome, honestly.

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5 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. How many different sounds do you hear in 20 mins? How many breaths do you take? How many journeys are designed and dreamed of in 20 mins?
    Those moments? They’re called story research. A blank mind finds ways to …


  2. i personally find going for drives with no music or destination in site to get the creative mind flowing.


    1. This is one of those times when I miss college. Five minutes outside of Bloomington and you were in the middle of goddamn nowhere if you were going any direction other than north. I used to take long drives with the stereo blasting all the time just to clear my head. Then pull over somewhere and just stare at the stars for a while.


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