In which this duck is my entire life

anigif_enhanced-buzz-2410-1369939749-19It’s been an exhausting few days, both at work and elsewhere, to the point where all I’ve really got in my head is fog and hell if I can think of anything worth talking about.  My 4th of July celebration involved eating buttered noodles with my wife and now we’re watching an episode of last season’s Fear the Walking Dead.  At least I think I’m only a season behind; I’m losing faith in the entire franchise, if you want complete honesty.

(Other than Nick, who is the smartest character in either this show or its parent show’s history, and is actually interesting to watch.)

Balremesh and Other Stories is still available for pre-order, for a few more hours at least before the birthday launch tomorrow.  Surprisingly, it was my most successful pre-order yet– by 50%!– despite only being available for about a week and a half.  The project for the next couple of days is to get the print edition ready, and then polish off Tales from the Benevolence Archives, which I’m still projecting for late August or early September.  It’s close.

And then, in October… well, I’ll hold off on that announcement for a bit yet.

I need some sleep, y’all.