In which I count down the days

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 3.16.04 PM.png…because next Thursday this puppy here shows up in my house, adjustable foundation and all, and I am so fucking excited, guys.  After ten years of our current mattress, it’s starting to sport some serious hills and valleys– it wasn’t at the point where it was awful yet, but it could certainly use a refresh, and it turns out that one of the little silver linings to having spent half the year unemployed was I was overpaying my taxes for the other half, so our tax refund was pretty healthy this year.  So: new mattress!  And then my wife was all “Hmmm, do we want an ergo foundation?” and I was all like hell yeah we want an ergo foundation, I wasn’t even gonna mention that, and now we’ve got one.

Or at least we will, once it gets delivered.  Which is happening next Thursday.  Only six days from now.  And then I will spend 24 hours without getting out of bed because this bed is that comfy.


My roommate from Denver has still not returned to work, which I find vaguely horrifying.  We’ll see if he’s in tomorrow.  That means that whatever he picked up out there knocked him on his ass for a solid week, in a job where there are no sick days and if you aren’t there you aren’t making any money.  I’m more than a little surprised I’m not worse off; this implies that whatever was wrong with him, it wasn’t related to the altitude, and I’m generally weak to anything even vaguely contagious.

In other news, and speaking of counting down the days, Missy can get around to releasing that new album any damn time now:

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  1. Yep: we bought a new mattress last week but we gave this mattress and bed some serious side eye and spent rather a long time on a bed we’re not buying.


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