Just checking, pt. 2

200w.gifOccasionally I have reason to call customers that have been in my store but I haven’t actually sold something to.  Sometimes it’s because they’ve asked me to keep an eye out for something for them and I’ve seen a piece I think they’ll like.  Sometimes it’s because something they were thinking about buying has gone on sale and I’m hoping I can convince them to come in and buy.

Actually it’s pretty much just those two reasons.

So this guy came in two weekends ago with his two kids and his wife.  He’d been in at least twice with one of the boys previously, and I’d talked to him both times pretty much by pure coincidence.  He and his son picked out five thousand dollars worth of bedroom furniture.  Five thousand dollars of fairly ridiculously ornate furniture.

For a fifteen-year-old.  We’ll lay that aside for the moment.

At any rate, they didn’t buy.  Dad said he’d be back “tomorrow” with cash and I sent them with a quote.  And they didn’t show the next day, which isn’t entirely surprising.  It happens.  But I had his phone number, so when we had an “everything on sale” thing going this weekend I called him and let him know I could save him some money.  Left a message.  Today was the last day of that sale, so I thought I’d leave one more message for him.

He answered the phone.  I said who I was and where I was from.

“I’m with a patient right now,” he said.  “I’ll have to call you back.”

252-word leadup to this question: what the fuck kind of doctor keeps his cell phone on while he’s meeting with patients, much less answers it when he doesn’t recognize the number?  Have any of you ever had a doctor answer a goddamn cell phone while you were with him?  That’s fucked up, right?  I’m not crazy here?

He didn’t call me back, by the way.

5 thoughts on “Just checking, pt. 2

  1. Some people really are that fucked up. I was planning my husband’s funeral, and the funeral director interrupted our funeral planning to take a call – to tell someone, in laborious detail, how to program a coffee pot. This all happened right in front of us. He didn’t even leave the room.

    Any other situation, the business deal would have been done. We were all too much in shock, and too grief-stricken to leave.

    Joke’s on him; none of us will ever do business with his company again.


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