A few facts about the world

  • The main problem with unloading a giant truck full of furniture in the wintertime is not the cold– not to say that that’s not a problem– but rather the ice all over the dock.  Even if we are vigilant about de-icing everything, and believe me, we are, the shit’s kind of unavoidable if it’s actually snowing outside.  Sooner or later, I’mma break a leg.  Looking forward to it.
  • Turns out, speaking of snow, that people don’t make a big thing about going out to buy furniture when it’s cold.  Today I sold a lamp, a basket, and a vase.  The week after Christmas is supposedly generally bananas but the last couple of weeks haven’t been exactly lucrative.
  • Thus far I’ve not been super impressed by this season of Walking Dead— I’ve all but lost interest in the show, honestly– but it’s turning out that Pregnant Maggie is Best Maggie.  Which entertains me.
  • You may have noticed that I’ve said next to nothing about the election since the election.  That is because I am still currently firmly in the I Can Not phase of coping.  It’s odd to recognize that you’re in denial and still remain there.  This shit can’t possibly be happening, therefore it isn’t.  Probably not the healthiest frame of mind to be in.
  • I will, very soon, be writing the Best Books of the Year post.  The competition is as harsh as it’s ever been.  I’m planning on getting to it by Christmas at the moment, but I want to finish the book I’m reading first.
  • I think every other post I’ve been doing at the end of the year is going to get wrapped up into a Jesus Fuck 2016 Sucked post.  If I have the energy to write it.  It’s possible that I won’t; it’s been that kind of a year and also, see a few points up re: denial.
  • Rae Sremmurd’s first album is as good as their second.

That’s what I’ve got at the moment.  Whassupwitchu?

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