In which I spend a day being Alec Baldwin

I was unstoppable today, guys.  I interacted with fourteen customers and sold things to eleven of them.  My per-ticket could have been better, but after the disaster that was September, it’s nice to feel good at my job for once.

(Note: I have never seen Glengarry Glen Ross in its entirety.  Or even any part other than that one.  But I’ve seen that clip a million times.)

Now, that said, selling furniture and furniture-related products and services to strangers was basically all my day consisted of.  My wife and I have discovered Black Mirror, and we’re watching the second episode of the first season right now.  I’m sure I’ll have stuff to say about that in the near future, because so far the show is damn impressive.

I have a decent chance at a record week if I have a good Sunday.  So, like, come out and buy things.  Expensive things.  I will get money and you will have expensive things.  Ain’t that America?

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6 thoughts on “In which I spend a day being Alec Baldwin

    1. The second episode of season 1 wasn’t quite up to the caliber of the first but it was still a damn good hour of TV. Vegetating tonight, though. Can’t watch thinkyshows.


  1. Glengarry Glen Ross was full of top notch acting, but is was the most depressing movie I have ever seen. But thanks for the tip on Black Mirror, I believe it is available in Ultra HD also, which I have. Only problem with that is you can see when the makeup people were in a hurry!


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