In which I get to vote in five days

Indiana opens up early in-person voting next Wednesday, which is the 12th.  Conveniently, Wednesday is my short day and I’m off work at 2:30, and I will immediately be heading downtown and voting.  There’s one more debate between now and then; I’ll try and watch it because that’s what I do, but fuck it; as little of a chance as there ever was that I would vote for a Republican for President at any point in my life, there is so much less of a chance in 2016 that it’s a whole new level of no chance.  As much as I hated George W. Bush, I feel like I could come up with theoretical reasons why one might choose to vote for him.  Same for McCain and Romney, although I can’t pretend to have been especially fond of either of them and Sarah Palin was probably the biggest deal-breaker this side of Trump himself.

There is no reason to vote for Donald Trump other than bigotry.  None.   If you are a racist, a sexist, or both, he may appeal to you; I assume you still might prefer to not die in a nuclear explosion and you still ought to vote for Clinton anyway if only to preserve your worthless white hide.  If your bigotry is literally worth more than your own life, vote for him, but do me a favor and try your best to never cross my path as long as you live, as I don’t want to know you exist.

I am looking forward to this election being over.  I am also looking forward to a Clinton presidency, despite knowing that the #1 rule of the Republicans is They Can Always Sink Lower Than This.  They’ll find a way.  But I will try and remain optimistic and hope that this election will be the one that drains the pus out of their political party.  I would like to have a sane opposition.

One way or another, my part in all this will be done in five days.