In which I let you decide

9j156.gifSo, am I liveblogging the debate tomorrow night?  Am I even going to watch the debate tomorrow night?  Trump turns my stomach in a way no political candidate ever has (and I remember the Bush years very well, thank you) and I’m genuinely not sure I’m going to be able to make it through ninety minutes of his stupid, lying face.  But I don’t miss debates.  I don’t think I’ve missed watching a Presidential debate in my adult life, actually.  And if I’m watching, I may as well liveblog the thing.  Twitter, of course, is a given; I may as well fight with trolls while I’m at it.

So: liveblog?  Or cover my eyes with my fingers and stay far away from social media?

5 thoughts on “In which I let you decide

  1. I hope the “Ayes” have it.

    I’m watching the debate flat on my back and keeping tabs on the 538 live chat with my phone during the lulls. I’ll happily keep tabs here too, and you’re every bit as smart about politics as those 538 folks.

    This just landed in my Facebook feed like two minutes ago. I gotta do a better job of keeping tabs on you, dude!

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