In which I’m proud of something mostly meaningless

giphy.gifI feel like I haven’t had time to stop and think for several days; highlights of the last week include snakes, mice, $500 in emergency “oh, hey, I just had to pull over directly into the repair shop on my way to work, mind picking me up from here?” brake work, mosquitoes, a quote of over twenty thousand dollars of American money to fix the issues with our house that led to the near-flood a couple of months ago, picking out and buying new flooring for our dining room, and– on the positive side– getting home a bit early from work yesterday and having my son come plop into my lap on the recliner for half an hour or so, and discovering today that I am apparently salesperson of the month for August at my new job.  On one hand, I started selling in July, so I feel like salesperson of the month my second month on the job ain’t bad.  On the other hand, there’s like eight of us, so… yay?  I dunno.

I am reading a really good book and I am gross and sweaty because the two trucks we had to unload this morning were ridiculous and it’s humid enough that the funk never really cleared out and I absolutely must have a shower before collapsing into bed and doing it all over again tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s challenge will be somehow acquiring my comic books when the comic shop opens after I have to be at work and closes before I leave.  I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I’m gonna.

Car’s fixed, by the way.

And after that shower, I’m going to bed.

How’re you?

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