In which they’re still up there

lost-keys.jpgThe keys– and let me remind you, for those of you not terribly prone to read post headlines, that they were not my keys– are still on top of the rafter, despite the intermittent engineering efforts of half a dozen reasonably smart guys with access to duct tape, oversized ladders and steel rods.  At one point a cell phone was attached to what amounted to a jury-rigged fifteen foot long selfie stick to attempt to find the keys via recorded video.  No luck.

They are gone now.  They are ex-keys.  The owner has given up.

(My best week of sales so far, not that I expect anyone else to care.  Also, book sales are up.  Have I mentioned I sell books?  Buy books!  Leave reviews!)

Anyway.  There is little else going on at the moment; I only just realized that it’s August and for the first time in the past decade and a half I’m not panicking about school starting, which is producing no small amount of warm fuzzy feelings in my gut.  I’m sitting in my recliner in the living room watching Sarah & Duck because I can’t find the remote so screw it.  Sarah just bought Duck a new chair.

I don’t know where Sarah gets her money from.

4 thoughts on “In which they’re still up there

  1. Wait, what? You told us in the last post they were your keys…to house and home and ride. Was that just for dramatic effect? Or did you lose one set knocking the other set to the ground? (Hairy eyeball directed your way)


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