So, yeah, what had happened was…

why-am-i-a-camel.jpgI know for damn sure that I’m far from alone if I look at the last week and just have no goddamn idea where to even start.  I could probably generate half a dozen posts from national and local/semi-local news events alone, and that’s before we get to the part where I turned 40 this week and my mom had surgery on my birthday and I don’t even remember if I mentioned it around here (she’s fine) and after eight months of sick leave and unemployment I was at work for 54 hours last week and it was both week 3 at a new job (certainly within the learning curve for anyone, right?) and my first week on the sales floor.

(Which went well, even if all the stories I have from the week are about things that went wrong, including a nearly seven thousand dollar sale today that went south due to financing issues and wasted, literally, four hours of my time out of the last two days.  My supervisors appear to be very happy with me so far and I’m enjoying the job quite a lot.)

Oh, and I’ve started unfriending “all lives matter” people on Facebook, particularly if I know you only because we worked together at a majority-black school and after repeatedly pointing out to you that the words “more” or “only” or “just” do not appear in the phrase “black lives matter,” you still point-blank refuse to affirmatively answer the question “Do you believe that the lives of your black students have value?”  At that point I have given you every possible goddamn chance to do the right thing and you’ve repeatedly chosen not to so you’re just a fucking racist and I don’t care if it makes you feel bad.  If being called a racist makes you feel bad, I can come up with a real good way to keep that from happening.

Because that happened this week too, and white folk, I am, by and large, done with you, and I’m doubly done with explaining simple shit that you have had ample time to comprehend at this point.  White people’s need to be at the center of every single conversation, and their inability to deal with the idea that there might be anything in the universe that is not about them, has pushed me to my breaking point.  I’m done.

Also, this:

Because that same person has suddenly become a “blue lives matter” person, and does not see the contradiction at all.  I’m done.

Don’t even say “Pokemon” to me.  I cannot.  Specifically, I cannot even.

Can we all just agree to slow down a fucking bit next week?  Maybe next week absolutely nothing interesting could happen.  That’d be cool.