Monday miscellany

36004771I spent a few minutes looking for a meme pic or a GIF or even a YouTube clip of Marlon Wayans doing the “Got me a G-O-B” bit from Don’t Be a Menace to Society while Drinking Your Juice in the Hood,  but was both unsuccessful and powerfully reminded that that movie is even less funny than I remember.  So: South Park reference.

At any rate, however you spell it, I’ve got me one.  My first day was only notable in being almost entirely unworthy of discussion; there was some paperwork, some training videos, and that was about it.  They actually even let me go a bit early, time I used to wander around the sales floor and try to get used to the vast amount of inventory I’m expected to know stuff about.

And then the skies exploded, and we had perhaps an hour of some of the hardest fucking rain I’ve ever seen– rain so hard that I was unwilling to cross the parking lot to get to my car, because I would have been completely soaked in the five seconds it would have taken to get across the lot.  So I wandered the sales floor some more.

There is… uh… quite a lot to know.

IndyPopCon is officially the first convention that I came back from saying yes, I will definitely do that again next year.  Miracle of miracles: I actually made a profit!  Friday kind of sucked, but Saturday and Sunday were excellent.  I ran out of bookmarks Sunday morning and resorted to putting a plate of Oreos on the table in front of me.  The deal: you get a free Oreo, but only if you point at a book and say “Tell me about this one!”

More Oreos for greater enthusiasm.  $12 worth of Oreos probably made me over $150 in sales.  I’ll use that trick again.  My only real complaint about the con was the parking situation; my car was obnoxiously far from the convention center, and I’m not certain that the small amount I saved on parking that far away was remotely worth it.  I will investigate other options next time.

That said, my next convention has to be some sort of literary convention/book fair sort of thing.  I made money at this one, yes, but not exactly a lot of money, and I want to go somewhere where people are explicitly looking for books.  I know Gen Con does something like that, but Gen Con is expensive as hell and a pain in the ass to get into, and I’m not super interested in even trying with them.  There’s got to be something else somewhere nearby, though.

I feel like I’m forgetting something I wanted to talk about.  I’ll update if I remember what it was.