Etiquette question re: that interview

courtesy-writerattheranch-thiswritinglife.blogspot.com_.jpgPutting this in a separate post instead of as an addendum because more people will notice it that way: I don’t have an email address for anyone at the place I interviewed at this morning, because the guy I interviewed with contacted me by phone yesterday and there isn’t contact information for individuals (just an email form that isn’t geared to personal messages) on their website.

OK to call the receptionist and ask for that information so I can send the post-interview thank-you note?  Or is the PITYN overrated anyway and not worth worrying about?

And, like, if I call and the boss answers the phone, because I get the feeling he does that from time to time, do I just, like, die of shame on the spot, or hang up the phone and run away and change my name and move to Nepal, or…?

8 thoughts on “Etiquette question re: that interview

  1. if the boss answers, just be like, HEY! i figure it out: my greatest weakness is knowing your email address, muthafuckaaaa

    i mean you won’t get the job, but at least you’ll go down swinging.

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  2. Ring the receptionist. What’s the worst that can happen? The boss answers and you can say, in curmudgeonly tones: I just wanted to ring and thank you for the interview yesterday, I really appreciate the time to talk with you. The receptionist answers and you can say: could you give me an email address so that I can send a thank you note to your boss? Thanks.


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