What shall we talk about?

ronald-lacey-as-major-arnold-toht-in-raiders.jpgWell, the A to Z challenge is over.  I finished it, which shouldn’t surprise anyone as the last day I missed a post was in December of 2014.  So getting through April wasn’t that difficult of a job.

That said, I did it wrong.  A to Z is supposed to be about meeting people and interacting with other blogs, and I failed to do any of that.  I got my little posts done and had them pop first thing in the morning and let them serve as an excuse to not do a whole damn lot of other writing or exploring new blogs, which is not what the month was supposed to be about.  It also didn’t help with sales any.  Sales in general lately have been miserable, and that’s basically entirely on me; I’ve not been marketing smartly–  hell, I’ve not been marketing at all, basically, short of some passive links on the website.  My last few sales went unadvertised because I didn’t feel like pushing them.  So no surprise when they don’t result in untold riches and massive fame.

Let’s see, what else?  I had two interviews for two different jobs in the last week or so that I’m hoping to hear back from soon.  Hoping to get back on the horse and get some fiction done this week, too.  Now that it’s May I can officially say that I’ve been looking for a new job for a year, so I’m well beyond the point where I’m tired of it.  Hell, I’m tired of saying I’m tired of it. I’m sure y’all are tired of hearing about it.  So, c’mon, two jobs.  Hire my ass.

And the primary is tomorrow.  Turns out I haven’t voted early like I usually do and it’s unlikely that I’ll get out early and do it today.  We’ll see if I get a sticker tomorrow.  I never get a damn sticker.

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