So this just arrived

…I am starting to think that listing my resume on was perhaps not the brightest decision I ever made.  This showed up in my mailbox today; the only alterations I have made are the italics and to change my real name to Luther’s:

Respected Luther M. Siler,

Our Company New-W. would like to congratulate you on your selection for the position of Logistics Supervisor. New-W. is a reputed company dealing in logistics of delivery of goods purchased from USA & Canada online retailers to customers all over the Globe. Our company gives you the perfect opportunity to get experience in the field of logistics with field work and provides the best of career growth to hardworking candidates

To confirm your acceptance, please send the following to us:
•       Your Name & Surname
•       Your Cell Number

As a logistics supervisor you duties will include the following
•       Receipt and dispatch of packages to clients Worldwide
•       Coordinate the logistics of delivery process with other members of the team
•       Control to admin panel on daily basis

For the 1st month which probationary, you salary will be in the range of 2400-3500$. After successful completion of this period, you will be eligible to receive bonuses depending on your performance.
We look forward for a fruitful association with you.

Alfreda Hall
New-W. Company

I note also that the return email does not appear to be affiliated with “New-W. Company,” which somehow fails to surprise me.


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          1. I’m not sure how current that is, and one would have hoped that, by now, the software and/or service providers would have addressed the issue. What it says to me, though, is it’s not safe to assume anything connected either to the internet or the phone networks is totally secure.


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