Which sin is that again?


The boy’s at school, for the first time in two weeks.  My wife is in Boston.  I actually have the day to myself to accomplish my own aims for the first time in a while.  I have, so far today, managed to get to the pharmacy and pick up some medication.  That’s actually bragging!  That counts as a thing!

I have at least 10,000 other things to do, though, especially when we consider that I potentially have jury duty tomorrow, and who knows how long that could last.  Trials sometimes take a long time, right?  This means that there are a number of things that I really ought to do my damnedest to get done today since who knows if I’ll be able to get them done during the day at any other point this week.

Then there’s that whole “write fiction” thing I used to do.

And I haven’t been to the pool in two weeks, because of the aforementioned boy’s Spring Break.  I maybe ought to start doing that again soon.

So naturally I’ve spent the morning glassily staring off into space, idly websurfing, and trying to talk myself out of a barnburning politics post that probably is better put off until after New York votes on the 19th.

I thought about trying to see if anyone had streamed a playthrough of Dark Souls III, which might prevent me from having to buy it and then not playing it.  That’s what has counted as ambition so far today.

Good morning, Internet.

3 thoughts on “Which sin is that again?

  1. This all sounds VERY familiar! School holidays are a time when I have to put writing on hold, and then as soon as I have a free day to get back to it I invariably spend my day doing… well, not much frankly! I’d say write the barnstorming political post, it might kick start other things.

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