“Regular blogging resumes tomorrow,” he said…

drugsinhand.jpgHA HA HA HA HA

So, right.  I’ve changed medications, and I’m somehow still recovering from C2E2, and the side effects of both withdrawal from drug A and going on drug B are drowsiness, and the end result of that is that for about the third day out of the last four I got home from taking my son to school and fell asleep, today until two fucking thirty in the afternoon.

I am not a human being any longer, folks.  I am a bag of flesh and sloth-scented humours held together by exhaustion and spite.  I have literally never been as tired in my life as I have been this week.

And then a spring storm blew through, and knocked a couple of trees and a utility pole over in my parents’ neighborhood, and now Mom’s spending the night because they don’t have any power and for various reasons I won’t get into she needs electricity at all times, and it took a bit to get that settled, and the end result is that it’s 7:30 and I’m just now like oh right I have a blog.

I owe y’all a recap of C2E2; the short version is that I had a hell of a lot of fun and I’m not doing it again.  And I’ll talk about the job offer from yesterday, too.  For right now, I just sort of want to curl up and die, possibly after having watched an episode of Daredevil, but let’s not hold our breath.  That would count as a major accomplishment, after how this week has gone.


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