#C2E2 Photos: Day 1

Zzzzzz…..  Some of these could probably stand to be cropped a bit; blech.  I’m tired.


My booth babe.IMG_3431

THIS DUDE.  Holy shit.  That gatling gun swings into position and SPINS.  IMG_3432

I think Matt might be Kylo Ren.IMG_3433IMG_3434

The second recipient of the THIS GUY HOLY SHIT award.  That shield’s a home build.  He let me hold it.  It’s actually made of steel, it’s HEAVY AS HELL and he is an absolute goddamn warrior for lugging that thing around with him all day.  For ART.IMG_3435

Because sometimes Batman gets text messages too.IMG_3436

Sadly, Mojo Jojo wasn’t doing the voice.IMG_3437IMG_3438

I saw a lot of people dressed as the Joker– white, black, Asian, Hispanic, male, female, at least one person who was a guy dressed as a female Joker.  This is not a guy dressed as the Joker.  I think this ACTUALLY IS the Joker, and he had both of us THOROUGHLY creeped out by the time he left the booth.  I wish to hell I’d gotten video of him– just the way he was MOVING, and the constant giggling.  Holy shit.  Like, Daniel Day-Lewis levels of method acting.

EDIT: he’s in this videoIMG_3439

I didn’t get to talk to these two for very long but they were both awesome.  Saw several Lokis, but this was the only Thor.  IMG_3440

And the most adorable cosplayer of the day.IMG_3441

And the most delicious cosplayer of the day. God, I miss Pockets.

Somehow, I got no pictures of Deadpools.  There were SO MANY DEADPOOLS.  I will fix this tomorrow.

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