Some bullet-pointed nonsense

bullet_bill_101393.jpgA few things for y’all:

  • My teaching memoir Searching for Malumba: Why Teaching is Terrible… and Why we Do It Anyway is gonna be free for the next couple days.  Go grab a copy.
  • I am not, I think, going to the pool today.  I felt great last night until around bedtime, when every muscle in my body realized at once that they’d been used.  I’m still achy as hell from the waist up, and lifting my arms above my head is kinda dicey.  We’ll do every other day until we don’t feel like we have to.  Should take a week or two.
  • Note that that last point should not be taken as complaining.  This is good pain.  I earned it and I intend to enjoy it, I just don’t want to go make it worse.
  • I expect Hillary to win big in Mississippi today and somewhat less big in Michigan.  I’ve said this before; Sanders’ campaign is over, he just hasn’t realized it yet.  Saying things like “White people don’t know what it’s like to be poor” at debates really isn’t going to help him very much.
  • Next week, we have Ohio, Florida and Illinois all on the same day, and Hillary will win all three.  Sanders’ people are still pretending that the calendar gets better for him after March 22.  They are right, but the contest will be decided for all but the most deluded of his fans by then.  His big wins this weekend (three of four states!) closed the delegate gap between him and Clinton by one percent.  It’s over.
  • I’ll repeat this again, too:  I’d like him to keep pushing her to the left, so I won’t be bothered too much if he refuses to admit how math works, although it’ll probably get on my nerves from time to time.
  • One way or another the Republican race will continue to be an embarrassing clusterfuck.
  • I may have to start doing Walking Dead recaps again after yesterday’s episode.  I’m beginning to think it’s possible that they’re just going to kill the entire damn cast at the end of this season and then just let Fear take over the timeslot for good.
  • It’s gorgeous and wonderful and warm outside for the second day in a row, so I fully expect fourteen inches of snow by Saturday.
  • C2E2 is coming!!! Who’s gonna come see me at booth 228 in Chicago????