In which I used to like these

Snow day today, the kind where there’s no visible precipitation of any kind in the early-morning hours where school is cancelled, but it happens anyway because people look at the weather forecast and see this coming:

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.20.29 AM.pngThat’s heading northeast, so we’re getting the long axis of it.  Last night before I went to bed they were suggesting we’d get 12+ inches of snow during “Wednesday” and another 1-3 “Wednesday night,” but both of those estimates have been revised downward a bit since I went to bed.  Still all sorts of nasty coming, though; we’ll probably have a foot of snow by bedtime tonight.

At any rate, Hogwarts cancelled, so I’ve got the boy home with me, and it’s even less likely that I’ll get anything done today in what has already been a monumentally unproductive week.  My former district did not cancel, nor did any of the other big districts in the area, so they’ve decided to catch crap from getting the kids home inevitably late, because most of the bullshit today will be toward the end of the school day– there are some flakes falling right now but no accumulation, but it’s supposed to get genuinely nasty after noon.  It’s a no-win situation either way and I’m really glad I’m no longer required to either participate in or defend it.

(I’d have cancelled, if it were up to me.  Or at least started with a two-hour delay to get better information.)

Last night was a night heavy with politics; I watched (and live-tweeted) the entire Democratic town hall event and then went to bed once I discovered that the Nevada caucuses wouldn’t even start reporting results until after midnight.  It’s looking like the fascist has finally managed a clean win; this was the first contest where #2 and #3 combined didn’t blow him away, and in fact Rubio and Cruz together still lost, implying that either Nevada is stronger territory for him than most (which makes a lot of sense, given the number of casinos) or that Bush’s people mostly migrated toward him. I am beginning to come around to the idea that this racist hairpiece is going to win the nomination, if only because either Rubio or Cruz needs to drop out right now for someone to beat Trump and neither of their egos (Cruz’s in particular) will allow them to do that.

I continue to believe that whoever wins the Democratic nomination will beat this shitpile like a rented mule in the actual election.  Obama got the lowest percentage of the white vote of any winning candidate in history and still won resoundingly; white voters are a smaller portion of the electorate than they were in 2008 or 2012 and the asshole’s open, unapologetic, undeniable racism will get even fewer votes from people of color than Romney did.

This is the candidate you deserve, Republicans.  He’s what you’ve been working towards for 30 years.  If you’re horrified, maybe you ought to reconsider your affiliation, because courting the worst parts of American society has been the core mission of the Republican party for decades.  This is what happens.  You can’t pretend to not notice anymore.  This is the election where you either have to embrace the fact that your candidate is literally a fascist or work to burn your party to the ground and hope that you can build something that isn’t made of racism, ignorance and hatred from the ashes.

4 thoughts on “In which I used to like these

  1. I was praying for a snow day today X_X. Alas, no luck.

    At this point, I’m burned out of caring in following the political mess that is this year till the Indiana primaries come around. Its not like I can do anything personally at this point since I have no time to help campaign for anyone.


  2. When it comes to politics, it is a headache for me. Snow? I have never seen or touch one my whole life but I do see it is not all about fun playing snowball. Just by looking at the weather reports, my mind is freezing up.


  3. Now that I’ve watched all seasons of West Wing, I’m rather enjoying the extraordinary farce that is US politics. (Never mind Australian politics, we’re all crazy here from lack of ethical and moral compass re refugees and asylum seekers but hell we like to swap our leaders over every year or so; burn out the old dead wood for some fresh saplings to maim).


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