On what’s next, and #Hugoawards eligibility

open-window.jpgLet’s start by ripping the band-aid off: after spending the entire day convinced I was going to throw up at any moment, I went in to school yesterday afternoon after the kids left, resigned, and cleaned out my classroom.

I’m done.  It’s over.  I’m no longer a teacher.

(Five minutes of staring into space.)

I’m still in much the same emotional place where I was last night: part of me wants to call everyone I know (especially the teachers) and have a huge party, and the rest of me wants to crawl into a corner and cry for a week.  I let a lot of people down yesterday.  Knowing that didn’t prevent me from doing it, and I don’t precisely feel bad about it, but it’s definitely a thing I did and I’m cognizant of it.

I suspect what I’ve done is gonna hit me really hard sometime next week.

Until I have another job, I’m a full time writer.  I’m still looking; nothing has changed since my most recent #Weekendcoffeeshare post except that now it’s Tuesday and I’m really hoping for that phone call.

Anyone wishing to provide me with financial support during my period of unemployment is welcome to buy and/or review a book, obviously.  🙂  I highly recommend the print editions!

(Have I mentioned that The Sanctum of the Sphere is eligible for a Best Novel Hugo this year?  No?  It is.  And Warrior Jayashree and the Young is eligible for Best Short Story!  Neither of them have a chance to win but it’s fun to play pretend sometimes.)

But book sales aren’t going to pay the bills– well, maybe they will, but I’m gonna have to abruptly get really lucky.  Maybe I’ll get nominated for a Hugo somehow.


Until then:  this is a thing now, (he said, burying the lede) as of right now this exact second.  The website is still bare-bones, but Prostetnic Editing Services is available for anyone who may happen to desire book, story, or essay editing services.  At the moment I’m just offering copy-editing and formatting, but if you need something else, let me know.  I work relatively cheaply!  And since I don’t have a damn thing to be doing right now, turnaround is pretty quick too!

What major life changes have you made lately?

19 thoughts on “On what’s next, and #Hugoawards eligibility

  1. Holly

    Scary but exciting! Good for you for taking the chance and making the change.

    (Remind me of this in a few months, ok? Thanks!)


      1. I nominate the name “Oblique Ferrets” :P! A campaign of nominating obscure indie writers would actually be fun, though… As long as we were morally mature about it :P.


  2. Without actually having had a nervous breakdown I quit teaching singing in July this year. Tears streaming down my face as I told my mentor and line manager I just couldn’t. No more. I’m way ahead of you in the poverty stakes! But the editing thing sounds good. How about some tutoring while your writing does its thing?


  3. Good on you and good luck with the job search.

    I got a job at the end of November in a sex shop & quit after 3 weeks because the boss had no money to pay me and was selling the business…


  4. That is a huge life change, but sounds for the better. Best of luck on the job search, having been I know it is rough but I find things work out in odd ways. I say cross fingers for Hugo this year. All out good stuff.
    Major life changes must be a theme, have several myself. Too private though to post at this time. Maybe 2016 is just a major shift kind of year overall?


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