A very brief thing I realized

m5P3qlE.jpgI will probably stomp on this post in, like, an hour when I write something new– today has potential to be kinda posty, actually– but I just realized something.  I jumped on WordPress the other day because they appear to have removed my ability to access my site’s lifetime geography/country stats.

It hit me last night that, at least within my somewhat limited understanding of how the interwebs work, a possible good reason for that is that WordPress just emailed every single subscriber a link to a new site including a custom map for their blogs, and that perhaps that volume of map-clickery and map-generatery is putting strain on a server somewhere.  So they removed the older version temporarily to keep from borking the site.

I’m going to spend a few days assuming it will be back once the “Ooh, my annual report is here!” excitement wears off.

(If you know more about how the interwubs work than I do, and this explanation doesn’t make any sense, do me a favor and just let me stew in my own ignorance.  At this particular moment I’d prefer to think that this was done for a good reason  and I’m willing to be mildly wrong for a short time about a relatively irrelevant thing if it means something makes sense.)

More later.  I seriously have two other posts I want to get done today, and it may actually be three.

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