Challenge met!

scrambled-eggs.pngDid my typical pre-post GIS for “scrambled eggs” and that image came up.  Can you tell those are supposed to be scrambled eggs?  Because I’m not sure I can.

You may recall the Baked Egg Challenge, where my son was forced by his doctor to eat cupcakes in steadily increasing amounts until she became convinced that the eggs contained within the cupcake mix were not going to cause him anaphylaxis or death.  At the time I thought it would be six months until the Scrambled Egg Challenge; it turned out to be just over a year.  We were at the doctor’s from 8:00 AM until after one, feeding the boy steadily increasing amounts of premade, reheated scrambled eggs, which sounds kinda gross to me but he wolfed them down.

It turns out that eggs will not kill him.  We were cautioned to avoid things with runny yolks for a bit longer, but it ain’t difficult to avoid fried eggs and I’ll be damned if I’m poaching him anything so we ought to be okay.

In other news, the cat yanked me out of a sound sleep at 2:30 in the morning by puking on my bed, and it’s been close to a week since I had more than three hours or so of sleep at a time, because I absolutely can not get a full night’s sleep in December apparently.  So I was a zombie through the entire Challenge and I’m not much better now.

End of year book saleswanking tomorrow.  I will try and get one more post up today and actually be a little bit entertaining.

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