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If we were having coffee, we’d be talking Star Wars.  There’s little or nothing else to talk about.  I’ll be seeing The Force Awakens Friday afternoon– granted, after many people have seen it already (oh, were I just younger; I spent three days waiting in line outside in costume for Phantom Menace tickets, and there were widespread roars of delight when it was reported that the then-fledgling-technology MoviePhone was crashed as hell) but I have a kid now and that means I don’t get to go to late evening shows on weeknights anymore.

But: there are six days until I get to see a new Star Wars movie, and given what Disney plans to do to the franchise this is probably the last time that that feeling will ever get to be special.  I’m honestly kind of surprised that there isn’t a trailer ready for Rogue One yet.  Six days is a rather convenient number, as there are also six Star Wars movies and I’ll be watching one a day until I see the new one.  Hopefully sometime over winter break we’ll be taking the boy to see it; I’m still concerned that it’s going to end up being too scary for him, and that’s one of the few ways in which the film could end up genuinely disappointing me, because I’m really invested in taking my son to see his first movie soon, and that movie needs to be Star Wars.

I’m trying to decide exactly how much I need to be restricting my internet access this week.  I haven’t been avoiding spoilers, particularly, but I have decided that I know enough about the movie and don’t really need to know or see any more until I see it.  Wanton theorizing with friends is fine, but I don’t want to know any more and so I’ll probably need to be turning the computer off and writing some posts early toward the end of the week.

How about you?  You’re going to see the movie, or you wouldn’t be having coffee with me.  Any big preparations for Star Wars?

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12 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Geek Dad edition

  1. Thinking of writing a post just about Attack of the Clones, even though my whole big Star Wars blog project is clearly not gunna be a thing. Seeing the three prequels are some of the fondest moviegoing memories of my childhood, and I hope the new one is as good for your kid :).

    As it is, I’m also just trying to get 10,000 Dawns final chapters all ready to go 😛


  2. Enjoy the movie! I hope the little one is not too scared. My 5 year old grandson is afraid of the first Star Wars movie. I recently bought it for him to stream on Amazon. It’s one of my favorite movies. I wrote a paper for my literature class on the movie when I was in college. It had just come out. Yeah, I’m old! But anyway, Anderson is incredibly afraid of Darth Vader so he won’t watch the movie.


  3. Oh seeing it I shall, when is iffy. Finals, in fact need to get back to work here soon grading.
    I wanted to get right in, but will likely wait in between Christmas and the New Year. Sigh, it will be crazy I am sure no matter when though.


  4. Not sure when it’s being released in Australia. Will be going, but only after the reviews. After all, I don’t want another experience like The Phantom Menace ruining my 1977 Star Wars joy. And if John Williams has been allowed to fling his ghastly Muzak into every corner of the movie I may be forced to vomit into my popcorn bucket.

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  5. Hey Luther, some of us are broadminded enough to even have coffee with Star Wars fans when we’re not crazy about it ourselves. I do like the original Star Wars movie but I didn’t like it when Aniken turned out to be Darth Vader. I know such things happen but I guess I didn’t like that sweet boy becoming the villain, even though that is true to life.
    The rest of the family is very keen to see it so I’ll go but will probably need to have a Star Wars night to catch up on it all. Hope you have a good week and thanks for coffee xx Rowena


  6. Can’t say I’m a fan. I think I may have seen the first one but I couldn’t swear to it. My nephews however are addicts and I know eventually they will tell me all about it. Hope your son enjoys it. I remember buying my nephews Spider Man the movie thinking it would be funny but it gave the kids nightmares for ages afterwards. I think my brother turned it off realising but it was too late. The damage was done. Good luck with your venture.


  7. I can’t wait for the new movie either. I have such high hopes for it! Mr. M will be travelling for work when it comes out, so I will have to wait two days after opening weekend to see it (I promised him!) and I’ll have to turn off the internet and tv for sure to avoid the spoilers. That’s fine though, I have book revisions to do! Enjoy your week!


  8. Ahh! I wanted to mention our plans to see the movie in my coffee post, too, but they’re a surprise so I couldn’t. My mom and dad are visiting New Orleans at the end of the week for her birthday, and my dad and I are taking Mom and Little Jedi to see a matinee of the new film at a theater here that has big cushy arm-chairs and chair-side service during the movie. Husband will miss that, because apparently their holiday party at work is that day and is a big deal, but that just means I’ll be going to see it again very soon.


  9. I’ll be taking my son to see the film on Saturday so will be avoiding certain corners for the internet until then. I was tempted to take my daughter too but she gets too involved and scared, even in the minions film this summer.


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