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I actually wasn’t going to comment on this initially, but something just hit me: there are a ton of sales jobs available in the area, and I’ve applied for none of them despite a suspicion that I might actually be pretty good at such work.  I just accidentally figured out why: after fifteen years of teaching and twelve years of NCLB, one thing I really want is a job where, as much as possible, my evaluation as an employee is based on what I do and not on what other people do.  Teachers are probably the best example of that, where just about all that matters to our evaluations now is how people who are not us and who we have no real control over do on tests that we can’t see beforehand and didn’t write.  But sales is not far behind– if somebody doesn’t have the money to buy something, chances are that person just isn’t gonna buy it, and talking them into buying it anyway is unethical as hell.  Sales is also a little too beholden to the vagaries of the economy than I’d prefer.  I hadn’t really made that connection prior to putting this video up, but that’s definitely part of my reticence here.

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  1. niaaeryn

    So true and love this clip! A student of mine quoted it, he just graduated last year and was my best philosophy student, as to what his goals were. His plan is to major in philosophy and then be a kick boxer for the same reason as John Cusack says. He hated the idea of corporate buy, sell, trade, what not. He did not want to produce anything but thought. It is an interesting philosophy certainly, and one I can understand.


  2. I learned pretty early on that sales wasn’t for me, as I found I really hated trying to sell something I had absolutely no interest in. (In this case, it was trying to cold-call companies to sell 800 phone #s to them.) I ended up realizing a mindless blue collar job wasn’t bad at all, especially as it was a paycheck while most of my real blood sweat and tears went into kickstarting my writing career. 🙂

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