It continues (morning blogwanking)

Yesterday was the highest-traffic day in the history of the blog, including the time where I was Freshly Pressed:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.11.55 AM.png

You’ll note that I had more individual visitors than I had pageviews the day before, and I’m pretty sure the day before was the 2nd or 3rd best day I’ve ever had.  That’s pretty impressive.  As of now, 8:17, I’ve already got 160 views, so thus far the pace hasn’t slowed down any.  And check this out:


That’s all time ranked posts, using the old stats editor.  Leaving out the home page and the “About” page, which aren’t posts, that means that a post I wrote less than 48 hours ago is now the 7th highest-traffic post I’ve ever written.


I don’t think it’s going to catch the Snowpiercer post, which has five times as many hits as its closest competitor, but it’ll be really interesting to see how far it gets before interest fizzles out.  Another interesting detail: right now, traffic appears to be driven almost exclusively by Facebook referrals.  As of this second the page has been shared on FB 759 times and 31 on Twitter, but I got 671 referrals from FB yesterday and only 13 from Twitter. Not one click through StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr, or any of the other usual suspects.  My autoshare on FB has reached 907 people and the Tumblr share doesn’t have a single note on it.  Less than ten from Google +, which I think is funny, since those might be my first G+ referrals ever.

I’m actually kind of scared to see what will happen if Reddit gets ahold of the post.  Which I suppose you can take as an invitation if you’re a Redditor.

Still no trolls, either.  Amazing.

Now (again) if I can just get these people to buy books.  🙂

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8 thoughts on “It continues (morning blogwanking)

  1. Wow this is impressive!
    I just erm made it to finally cross the 1000views/month threshold. Let us know she it’s going to be freshly pressed…


    1. Yeah, that is fantastic.

      I’ve been hovering around the 1000 views per month threshold myself. Don’t seem to know how to get out of that plateau, apart from talking about Apartment 3-G, which comes to an end this weekend .


  2. Hooray! I did my part on Facebook 🙂 It will be interesting to see if your book sales tick up over the next month or so. There’s probably no better time to have a piece trending than in the thick of the holiday shopping season. Good luck!

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