In which I tell you nuffink! NUFFINK!

I have no idea what that line is actually from, but it’s running through my head.

I met with my therapist on Tuesday.  My wife had the day off, since she’s a state employee and it was election day, and when I got home she asked me how it had gone and what we’d talked about.  And then she got this weird look on her face and said “Well, unless you can’t really talk about it, or something like that.”

“I’m a blogger,” I said.  “I tell 20,000 people what happened to me today three times a day.  Yes, I will share my discussion with my therapist with my wife.”

And I did.

And, uh, here’s the problem: I’ve got a hell of a lot I want to talk about, but damn near all of it is embargoed for some reason or another, most of them having something to do with my real life and counting unhatched chickens and various things like that.  So instead I’m going to just write this frustratingly ambiguous blog post and leave you with a music video, since it’s Friday no goddammit it’s Thursday screw it you get a Friday song anyway.

Hah.  I’m a rebel like that.



…aaaand I’m spent.

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