We went to the zoo yesterday

I only took a few pictures, but why not, they make for a good Monday morning post.  The zoo previously had two elderly Amur tigers who both passed away in the last year from natural causes.  They just recently replaced them with four, effectively, kittens.  They’re all two years old, and apparently the tiger people are having fits from having to adjust from two geriatric tigers to four energetic babies.

Well, not so much “energetic” today, I guess.  Witness the Triangle of Tiger!  The fourth one was around the corner.


Flamingo.  They have a dozen or so but this one was close by.


And a peacock.  The zoo has two peacocks and they’re allowed to just wander around as they see fit.  Both of them were hanging around the food court trying to steal french fries.  It was pretty cool.


Note that this isn’t typical behavior for them, which is kind of surprising.  If I was a bird and I knew there was easy food at the food court all the time, I’d be there more often, but I’ve never seen the peacocks there before.

One thought on “We went to the zoo yesterday

  1. How funny, we were at the same zoo yesterday — I’m sure we probably crossed paths at some point without even knowing. 🙂 I spent most of my time by the prairie dogs, but those peacocks in the food court cracked me up. They must not get chased by little kids very much, because they were so chill. Love your photos!


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