#WeekendCoffeeShare: Mostly Human edition


If we were having coffee, I’d clue you in to a monumental development: last night I felt normal for the first time in two weeks.  That is not a minor thing.  This week I was reminded rather emphatically that my blood pressure medication includes a water pill, which I had completely forgotten about, and that it is sometimes possible to become rather badly dehydrated despite drinking water all the goddamn time.  The reminder was rather unpleasant.  My doctor used the phrase “perfect storm” to describe the wicked bout of dizziness and exhaustion that closed out my week, and it turns out that I need to start slamming a bottle of Gatorade as my first act of the morning until I run out of the current bottle of blood pressure medication, at which point they’ll yank the water pill part of the prescription.  Also, the Lexapro has been cut in half.

I’m out of sick days for the 2015-16 school year, by the way.  In October.  That’s… kind of a problem, but there are ways to get some of them back that I’m looking into.  Hopefully I won’t follow up two weeks of struggling with medication and anxiety issues with actually getting physically sick.  But hey!  I feel human.  Let’s focus on the positive, hmm?

I’m also kind of sick of talking about medication, so let’s hope this is the last time for a while.

This would be the point where I’d realize that drinking coffee is probably not the greatest idea, as coffee is a dessicant.  Waiter!  More Gatorade!

Book news: Searching for Malumba is out in just a few weeks, so I really ought to finish the damn thing.  As you might imagine, the last few weeks have not been good for any sort of creative work, and while the book mostly requires some fiddling around the edges– it’s 98% releasable in its current form without another touch–  I need to actually do that fiddling.  I’m hoping to be working on the print cover by tomorrow, which will mean the manuscript itself is ready by tonight.  Early commentary has been good, so if you enjoy my commentary on teaching around here, you may wish to pre-order.

There’s no #SilerSaturday this weekend, by the way, as I currently lack the time and energy to be a salesman all day.  However, my buddy James Wylder’s birthday is this weekend, and he’s put all his stuff up for free, so go download his books instead.

How’re you?

8 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Mostly Human edition

  1. One of the things I missed when I changed school districts was the “personal days” provision in our contact. Aside from fourteen sick days, we also had ten personal days, which were originally called mental health days. The name was changed to avoid the stigma. The district I moved two only allowed four personal days and eight suck days. Definitely a loss.


    1. I’ve got a handful of personal days, and there is a sick bank I can apply to, I just need to figure out the details for it. The fact that I was out on doctor’s orders will help, too. Still gonna be dicey for the rest of the year, though.

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  2. oh goodness, I am sorry you had to go through all that. Glad that I am healthy. Hope everything will work out, especially after that waterpill thing. I would not want to have to drink that much – and no coffee? Not for me.

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