#WeekendCoffeeShare: How are you? edition


If we were having coffee… I think maybe today I let you do as much of the talking as I can.  You may have noticed it’s been a little on the stressful side around Casa Siler lately; hell, my friends have noticed– people I don’t typically see in person during a normal week have been contacting me and asking if I’m okay just based on the blog posts from this week.

I dunno.  Probably.  No.  Maybe.  I’ll be fine, let’s stick with that.  I mean, hell, I had a car accident this week, even if it wasn’t a bad one.  I got a right to be hostile.

Hm.  What else is going on?  I’m really excited about The Martian coming out soon.  It was my favorite book of 2014 by a pretty good margin and I’ve really been looking forward to the movie.  I am, as many of you know, a huge astronomy nerd, so anything set on Mars is going to catch my attention anyway, and this is a superb Mars book that I’m hoping is also a superb Mars movie.  Plus I do have a vested interest in people searching Amazon for books about Mars, so, y’know.

I’m also thinking about audiobooks.  Much in the way that I only barely read ebooks but spend a lot of time and energy trying to get people to buy and read mine, I don’t listen to audiobooks at all but am looking into moving into either recording my own books or having someone else do it.  I’m going to do a couple Benevolence Archives stories this weekend as a test and see how it works out.

Not much else… or at least, not much else I want to talk about right now.

Let’s talk about you.

Because my accountant says I have to: It’s #SilerSaturday again, and this week’s free book is The Sanctum of the Sphere.  No risk!  It’s free!  Go forth and download!

16 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: How are you? edition

  1. I’m great. Coffee is in the French Press here. The teenager and I are headed for the StoryCorps booth later this morning. In the meantime I’m checking blog posts and writing.

    I’m sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you’re ok. But on to good stuff, I’m looking forward to The Martian too. I hope they do it right and don’t try to add in any silly sappy stuff.

    Now I’ll go forth and download, and get coffee. You want some?


  2. Sipping my tea right now. I enjoy your blog — you are interesting and often funny. Hits me the right way. I have been working long hours getting my website ready to go and guess what? It’s ready to go! At least for now. I’m sure I will be tweaking it. I would appreciate people visiting me and telling me if they like it. I also got a new Nikon camera to play with. Love my cameras. Gosh, I hate reading things where each sentence starts with “I …” but you asked for it, Luther! I am studying some new brush strokes for my digital paintings and I am pleased so far. New paintings will be showcased soon. Weather has cooled to the upper 80s here, so I am fixing another cup of tea and heading for the patio. Chow!

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  3. Sorry the week has been a shite one. I’ve seen some of your posts, and it does seem to have been quite a messy one. :/

    So—the novel version of The Martian is good? I’ve been contemplating picking it up, but just not sure about it.


  4. My husband’s been trying to sell me on audiobooks. Maybe The Martian would be just the right intro? (Apart from one soothing one I listened to about twice before losing half the discs a few years back. I lean toward “doesn’t count” there.)


  5. After reading how it opened, what with the bad week, I had to go back and read. Then I got pulled away, distracted, forgot… and have now caught back up to here. Guess it’s time to read the following week and see if life’s gotten any better…


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