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I got some stuff I probably ought to talk about soon, except right now I don’t really know how.  In the meantime, I’ve spent most of the last couple of days teaching astronomy– hands down, my favorite topic to talk about– and thinking and talking about cardboard miniature golf.  Bits of the last couple of days have actually been fairly pleasant.  We’ve been watching a lot of Chris Hadfield videos. Which reminds me, I haven’t reviewed his book yet, and I probably ought to get on that soon.  This weekend, maybe.

Speaking of books: It’s almost #SilerSaturday again, and this week’s free book is The Sanctum of the Sphere.  I was hugely happy with how Skylights did last weekend, and I’m hoping Sanctum does even better, if only because I kinda feel like it’s the red-headed stepchild of my books.  It’s my only sequel (until the Skylights sequel comes out next spring sometime) and I really haven’t figured out how to market it yet.  That said, a lot of people have downloaded The Benevolence Archives– it’s had nearly three times as many downloads as Skylights has.  Hopefully I can convince a bunch of them to grab Sanctum tomorrow.  I expect the book to at least triple its number of copies out in the wild tomorrow; hopefully I’ll get even more than that.  Spread the word, if you don’t mind!

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