REBLOG: Star Wars: Aftermath And The Regressive Hate Machine

Ah, good. Now I don’t have to write this. Because I’ve been thinking about it.

Michael Patrick Hicks


Update 9/6/2015, 4:51 p.m. EST: I was unaware of this, but saw a post on my FB timeline that was posted to Chuck Wendig’s page that there is apparently a Facebook group called The Alliance to Preserve The Expanded Universe that has launched a “raid” against this book, hence all the 1-star reviews cluttering up the Amazon product page. Chuck posted a link to this article from Oct. 2014, from Another posted a link to Del Ray’s official Star Wars Books page, which given a cursory glance seems to be crawling with The New Expanded Universe protesters (because that’s apparently a thing now).

Original post follows….

This is not a review. In fact, at the time of this writing, I’m only little more than a quarter into Star Wars: Aftermath. If you believe the Amazon reviews, though, quite a lot of other folks have read the…

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One thought on “REBLOG: Star Wars: Aftermath And The Regressive Hate Machine

  1. I’m officially interested in this. Had no idea it was going on.

    I’m not liking this one bit. This is now the third recent instance I can easily think of of this category of behavior that touches Geekdom directly. That makes it a trend. Or possibly an invasion. I may go and leave dude a comment about it.

    He made a good catch digging back to those early reviews.


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