SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA: Call for Alpha Readers

Malumba cover roughThis still isn’t the final cover, mind you.

Abruptly, and rather surprisingly, I have deemed SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA very close to being ready for alpha readers.  Maybe a week away, which means that it’s time to start begging for people willing to look it over.  Note the shift in subject matter: MALUMBA is nonfiction, and if you’re a regular blog follower you have already read chunks of it.  It’s basically a compilation of everything I’ve written about education or teaching since 2001 and still think is interesting.  There is some new material still to be added, but I think the book is in the 85-90% ready stage, so it’s time to kick it out there in the wild and see what people think about it.

Further instructions to follow; the only guidelines for now is that you need to be someone I know, either in the real world or through interactions here.  I’m not sending alpha copies to people whose names or handles I don’t recognize; sorry.


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10 thoughts on “SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA: Call for Alpha Readers

  1. Sooooooo…..I know I totally dropped the ball when it came to helping with the last one, BUT maybe I can redeem myself by helping with this one? So, yeah, I’m interested, and quite a bit more focused right now than I have been. You know where to find me. 🙂


  2. The next three weeks will be a bit crazy for me, but I could read toward the end of the month. If that fits your timeline and you still need a volunteer, count me in!


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