If we talked about you being an alpha for Searching for Malumba, you probably ought to check your email right about now.to_the_internet_mlp_by_gcrebel-d586z4c

SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA: Call for Alpha Readers

Malumba cover roughThis still isn’t the final cover, mind you.

Abruptly, and rather surprisingly, I have deemed SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA very close to being ready for alpha readers.  Maybe a week away, which means that it’s time to start begging for people willing to look it over.  Note the shift in subject matter: MALUMBA is nonfiction, and if you’re a regular blog follower you have already read chunks of it.  It’s basically a compilation of everything I’ve written about education or teaching since 2001 and still think is interesting.  There is some new material still to be added, but I think the book is in the 85-90% ready stage, so it’s time to kick it out there in the wild and see what people think about it.

Further instructions to follow; the only guidelines for now is that you need to be someone I know, either in the real world or through interactions here.  I’m not sending alpha copies to people whose names or handles I don’t recognize; sorry.


Wanna alpha read BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES, VOL. 2?

I am mostly using humans who I know in the real world, and one blog-reserved slot is filled, but I’m looking for a couple more.  If your reading schedule isn’t already packed full for the next month or so and you don’t mind providing me with some feedback, either drop me a comment or an email and let me know.  Thanks!

EDIT:  I think I have enough people now, so I’m no longer looking for more alphas.  Unless you know me well enough that you read this and think “Well, he doesn’t mean me,” in which case I probably do actually but drop me an email anyway.  Thanks, everyone!