A brief first day report

Odd fact: when going through previous posts for posts about teaching to possibly include in Searching for Malumba, I discovered something interesting:  I have not talked about the first day of school on most of the first days of school since I’ve been blogging.

Possibly because I get home and I am too tired to qualify as a living thing.  So, the short version: my homeroom girls are nice.  Scary nice.  Like, “I don’t believe you, and we’ll see what I think of you in a week” nice.  My afternoon kids… well, let’s just say that class is still in flux, because that’s where my special education kids are going to end up and we’ve not finalized class lists yet.  “In flux” sounds like a fair way to put it.

So… what is that?  Cautiously optimistic?  I’ll go with cautiously optimistic.

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3 thoughts on “A brief first day report

  1. It IS technically possible you ended up with an entire group of nice- actually-nice – girls… possible. Makes me think of the time my HS teachers “ended up with” (read: they still refuse to admit they did this on purpose, but we know better) all the “good” kids in one group and all the class-clowns and more challenging students in another. I felt like it was an interesting social experiment (also the only time in my life i got to step into being the sassy-class-clown).


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