At least that’s decided

I’m teaching next year.  Full stop, I’m done thinking and/or worrying about it.  I’m back in the classroom, and it will be absogoddamnlutely my last year working in schools, because I’m resigning at the end of the year whether I have a job lined up or not.

I have, what, six days to get my head on straight and my classroom ready.

Fuck it.  Let’s do this.

6 thoughts on “At least that’s decided

  1. What is the other stuff that makes teaching in the U.S. So difficult? You’ve mentioned this without the details. I know it’s not the kids: you seem to be looking forward to seeing their development in STEM subjects. Thinking to that: I really really liked science until year 10 when I had a crappy teacher. And I was proficient in maths until year 8 when I didn’t connect with the teacher. I feel terribly sad about this. Btw, is there anybody out there who actually quite liked algebra? (I’m assuming this is maths with letters not numbers but who knows, maths is dead to me now). I quite enjoyed it but I can’t remember anything about it now.


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