July Saleswanking

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So, for perspective’s sake, July 2014 had thirteen sales.  So 240 is better.  Best month ever, in fact; first one to break 200 downloads, and that by a decent margin.  And that’s even with my first 0 day in, like, two months!  It’s even still a record if I completely discount the sales from during InConJunction, which is kind of insane.  Hell, even if I don’t count the vaguely ridiculous 170 I got from openbooks.com, there’s still 70 spread out everywhere else.  At this rate I should break 1000 for the year sometime in August unless I crater next month.  Which hopefully won’t happen.

If I’ve got a complaint (and “complaint” isn’t really the right word) it’s that the lion’s share of my downloads are still not making me anything.  I had 170 from OB and another 38 (which also represents a record) from Smashwords, all of which were from Benevolence Archives.  Meaning that of the 240 only 32 actually involved money changing hands– not even fifteen percent.   The plan has always been that eventually the folks downloading BA for free will come looking for my other books– and the other big thing this month is that everything is available on Smashwords now, so it’s easier to find my nonfree books than it was in June.  (Sanctum still hasn’t popped on the other sites; I’m still trying to iron out some issues with the table of contents, but that should be fixed in the next couple of days.)

It’ll be interesting to see if I get some sales through Smashwords this month; historically that hasn’t worked very well.  Amazon’s been basically a dead zone all month, with a total of eight sales.

Actually, one more minor disappointment; I figured putting BA 1 into print would pick up at least a handful of sales and it hasn’t.  That one sale was to me.  But it’s in print so that I have it available at conventions, so… whatever.  I’ll live.

Oh: as an experiment, I dropped $30 or $35 into a Twitter promotion on my birthday and it got me nothing.  Lesson learned: never do that again.

Onward and upward, y’all.  We’ll see if I can beat some more records in August.

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    1. Heh. I feel like I let the tone of this piece get away from me a bit. I’m so hugely up over last July it’s ridiculous, so sales certainly aren’t “flagging”– they’re just tilted a bit more toward the free stuff than I’d like. Even if I only compare paid sales, I’m looking at 32 for this July vs. 13 for last July, which is 2 1/2 times as many sales. That’s excellent.

      Thanks for the kind thoughts, but I meant for the post to sound more upbeat than it came out. 🙂

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