June sales analysis

tl;dr version: Wellll…..

Spreadsheet of dooooooooom!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.32.35 AM

Those of you who have made with the clicky have noted that this is sort of a mixed-news month.  The good: June was the 2nd best month of the year in terms of overall downloads, not far behind May, and without May’s advantage of a 52-sale book signing.  So that’s a plus.  I also did an end-of-the-school-year countdown deal on Skylights and The Sanctum of the Sphere that netted me my first day ever of double-digit sales on Amazon.  Yes, ever.  I also have continued my streak of no days with 0 downloads out to over two months– my last 0 day was April 19th!

Speaking of Amazon, though:  The bad news, such as it is, is that 2/3 of my downloads were through openbooks.com, meaning that I made very little money in June.  Now, I’ve said this before, and I’ll repeat it here: the point at this point in my career is not to make a lot of money doing this.  But making a little would be nice.  And Amazon was fucking brutal this month:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.42.34 AM

Ouch.  That big spike in the middle is the countdown sale, but even the countdown sale had a zero day.  There were originally a couple of Kindle Unlimited borrows sprinkled through that horrible desert over the back half of the month, but they’ve changed their reporting to go with their new sales model and they’ve disappeared, making the graph even more depressing than it already was.

And here we get to the reason I post this and keep records like these: writers, did you see a drought in June on Amazon too?  Given how long my books have gone without sales, I’d expect sales ranks to be a lot lower than they are, and they’re falling slowly, so I think everyone had a bad month.  June may just not be a good month for booksellers in general, but I need more data.  Anyone have anything to report?

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  1. I don’t know if my chart would be a fair comparison. In May I sold a single book. One. But I had two new book releases in June, one on the 4th and one on the 23rd. The first book release had a spike on release day, but has been dead since then. The second book release had a few sales, but because it was a prequel and available for free in MANY places, it actually generated sales for a first book in that series. So, after the 23rd, I’ve had some signs of life every day.
    I will speculate that the drop in sales (in June for you, May for me) may have to do with our initial drop from KDP Select. Sales for the first month after dropping my books from that program (mid April – mid May) were frighteningly sparse.


  2. SKYLIGHTS went off KDP Select about a week after the sale, so that’s an interesting theory. SANCTUM comes off in a couple of weeks, so apparently the drought’s gonna continue for a minute. 🙂


  3. Since Kelly just released her first book late in the day on June 28th, her data will most likely not be beneficial to you. However, we were pleased with her start. She had 1 sale on the 28th, and 7 on the 29th (which she really counts as as her release date since it was so late in the day on the 28th when the book was available). Then I think there was 1 sale on the 30th. Now the hard work of marketing really starts.


    1. Yeah, I was keeping a pretty close eye on her sales ranks, so I figured it was something along those lines. Tell her not to panic if she starts going several days or even a week or two between sales. That’s typical for first books. Is she on Smashwords or anywhere other than Amazon?

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      1. She is exclusive to Amazon for the first 90 days. Then we will look at other places. The second in her series is almost ready to go but she will wait till that 90 day period is over before she releases that one. Then we can use the first book to help promote the second.


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