Okay now I’m mad

I need y’all to understand something:  I have been ordering from Amazon for years.  I am a Prime member.  I get my damn money’s worth out of that Prime membership.  And the recent unpleasantness with my telescope was the first time I have ever had any serious difficulty with them screwing anything up beyond maybe a book cover getting a little spindled in a box.

You may recall that I was excited enough about my first outing with the telescope that I ordered, on the spot and from my front yard, a 2″ moon filter so that I could look at the moon through my larger eyepiece.

That order showed up today.

See if you can see the problem.IMG_2668Some of you probably do.  Others, maybe not.  Lemme help.

IMG_2668_2That’s not a goddamn 2″ eyepiece.  It’s a 1.25″ eyepiece with the sticker for a 2″ eyepiece on it.  In other words, it’s the exact goddamn filter I already have.

Now we’re fighting.

10 thoughts on “Okay now I’m mad

  1. Damn hope Amazon gets their act together. Even we have their prime membership..it’s pretty good but recently have had a few issues with them.. 2 day shipping didn’t arrive on time..and this happened I believe twice. I mean it’s not that big of a deal but still.


  2. Fred

    I like the ease of ordering online but I prefer the ability to return things quickly and easily. Probably why I shop in stores and leave online shopping to office chairs. It sucks some employee at Amazon screwed up. Hope you get it resolved quickly.


  3. I’ve had similar mix ups on a few occasions. It’s been the sticker for me as well, every time. It just doesn’t match the item. They’ve been very good about fixing the problem for me. I hope you have the same experience.


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