Sanctum_72dpiMy third book, The Sanctum of the Sphere: The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 2 is finally officially available!

  • Digital version: $4.95
  • Omnibus print edition (Includes The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1): $14.99

I’m pretty damn proud of this book– particularly of the print edition, as I’ve learned a lot about how to do layout for these things and, in my opinion at least, the book looks great.  As of this exact second (I’m administering an ISTEP test right now, so I’m actually writing this a couple of days early) the book already has one review on Goodreads, and it’s a 4.5 star review, so at least one person liked it other than me!  Hopefully by the time that link exists for you to click on there will be one or two more.

The back cover copy:

“Go rob that train.” Nice, normal. An everyday heist. 

But nothing is ever normal for Brazel, Grond and Rhundi.

A simple act of motorized larceny quickly explodes into a galaxy-spanning adventure for the two thieves. Blade-wielding elves, a fast-moving global war, a secret outlaw space city, incomprehensible insectoids and one impossibly lucky human are just the start of their problems. And that’s before they learn that someone from Grond’s past has gotten the Benevolence involved…

What is happening on the ogrespace moon Khkk?

Who are the Noble Opposition?

And what is the secret of THE SANCTUM OF THE SPHERE?

Published by

Luther M. Siler

The author of SKYLIGHTS, THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES and several other books.

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    New Benevolence Archives novel out! I only just started in but I’m enjoying it so far. I loved the short story collected that he did previously. I think “Star Wars with D&D races” is how I (or someone) termed it?

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