A serious question

When was the last time you had to do long division?

Let me take a second and define my terms here– by “do long division,” what I mean is that you had to solve a division problem that you were unable to do in your head, where a quick estimation wasn’t acceptable, and where calculators of any kind were not available– like, you actually had to take out a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and actually use the algorithm to work the problem out to get an answer. Bonus points if you weren’t able to end with a remainder and actually had to solve the division out to decimals.

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7 thoughts on “A serious question

  1. Maybe 5-8 years ago, when I was showing my kid how I learned to do division. “Yes, I know that’s not how your teacher did it, but I want you to know both methods. You can use it to check your answers.”


  2. Probably whenever it was last on a state standardized test. I’m 33 now, not sure I even remember how to do it.


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