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121228063239-barnes-and-noble-blog1Does anyone have any experience with  I popped in at my local Barnes and Noble this afternoon and spoke with a (genuinely!) helpful and nice manager about potentially doing a book signing there some time after Sanctum comes out.  The good news: they’re completely willing to work with independent authors and don’t particularly care that I don’t have a traditional publisher.  The bad news: they do care that my print books are printed by CreateSpace, because Amazon owns CreateSpace.  Interestingly, the print edition of Skylights is available at Barnes and, but corporate policy states that they won’t stock CreateSpace books in-store and therefore they can’t do signing events with authors published through them, since they order the stock themselves when that happens.

Print sales of Skylights have been minimal– I have sold seven copies, total, and I know who ordered six of those seven.  I suspect I also will eventually find out I know the seventh person as well.  So even if Amazon’s not willing to carry a book in print if it’s printed through B&N, I don’t know that I’m hurting myself if I can sell print books a few times a year at author sales– at least not right now, although if I somehow magically hit the big time that’ll become a problem quickly.  If Amazon is willing to carry Nook Press books, the only problem is that NP charges a bit more than CreateSpace does and the price of the books would have to go up a buck or so.  Then again, without one in-hand … maybe there’s  a quality difference, too, y’know?

Anyway, back to the question: anyone used this service?  Advice is gratefully received at the moment.

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  1. Nook Press does not distribute books. From what I have read, they only print books. Like, you order 500 for yourself and that’s it (old vanity press style), but they won’t distribute it. If you want them to carry your books in the store, you would need to switch to Lightning Source instead of Createspace or Nook Press.


    1. Interesting. He specifically referenced them as a place I could use to have that store stock my books, but now that I think about it he didn’t directly say that they’d distribute them.


  2. We’re looking at getting everything squared away with Ingram Spark, as they are the catalog that ultimately everyone seems to look to. They have a POD option and have a long international reach. They also allow you to have your books marked as returnable (some stores will not carry books that are not returnable) though that’s a tricky game from a $ perspective.

    Anyway, I’m looking to get setup with Ingram Spark mostly because I need a good option for here in Canada that also works for the US and elsewhere.


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