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I haven’t gotten around to writing the “How to Sell your Book on the Internet” post– it’s coming sometime this week, and I’m hoping it’ll be useful– but I just watched this video and it’s crazily interesting.  It’s nine minutes long, so gird up your loins, because I know none of us have attention spans anymore.  It’s worth it, though:

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3 thoughts on “On #Facebook advertising

  1. I’ve seen this, and I just watched it again 🙂
    I did a small experiment as well, targeting the English speaking countries, plus large European ones, and then one or two developing ones.
    Are you guessing where I got most of my likes from? 😉
    Besides, there were likes on the sponsored post only.
    No engagement whatsoever. No significant change in sales.
    I think that the only way you can benefit from sponsoring posts or pages if you target your own genuine fans, and their friends. And that’s a huge MAYBE.


  2. I’ve written many times about how advertising on Facebook is just a waste of $$ and this was the first video that convinced me of such. Thanks for reposting. It still drives me bonkers that people spend so much time building up their Facebook following, only to find out they have to pay to reach even those people.


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