Luther Siler Thanksgiving Weekend Sale: LIVE!

(NOTE:  I’m leaving this pinned to the top of the page during the sale.  Scroll down a touch for new posts.)

Starting NOW RIGHT NOW and going until I get bored with it, the following AMAZING DEALS are available to you:

At Amazon:

At Smashwords:

  • The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 is… free.  Still.  And you should really be getting it from Smashwords and not from Amazon, unless you really really want to send me money or you’re not sure how to load files onto your Kindle.  You can download the Kindle version of the file from Smashwords, remember.
  • Skylights has set-your-own pricing.  Which means that you can have it for a penny if you want.  You can have it for nothing if you want.  Or if you’ve been reading me for a long time and you have way more money than you know what to do with you can pay a thousand dollars for it.  I will cheerfully take any percentage of All Your Money, from 0 to 100.  It’s up to you!

I have a brief Thanksgiving post that is planned but not yet written; other than that and a reminder or two of the sale, expect tomorrow to be quiet.  Enjoy your holiday, folks.

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