Once you see it…

IMG_2061…which, hell, probably won’t even take that long, you won’t be able to unsee it.

Not much happened today, other than some work in the bathroom (yes, that’s still a thing) while my parents watched the boy.  And then all the sudden we finish our pizza dinner and I look at my watch and holy crap how is it 7:00 already?  

So, yeah.  I’ve sorta been bereft of interesting things to say lately, sorry about that.  But at least there’s this lovely picture to look at.

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5 thoughts on “Once you see it…

  1. Bathroom finally done?! Yay! I have spent what feels like (but is definitely not literally) the past 12 weekends painting my new apartment. These projects you think will take a weekend (maybe two) TAKE YOUR WHOLE LIFE argh.


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